Tom Beckbe

Lexima teamed up with Cobble Hill to revamp Tom Beckbe's eCommerce site. Tome Beckbe is an outerwear and sporting gear company that produces classic outdoor equipment with time-tested, rugged materials.

September 2021
Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe is an Alabama-based, premium outdoor apparel and lifestyle company. Dedicated to elevating classic sporting style, Tom Beckbe produces functional apparel and soft-goods for the refined outdoor life. Lexima had the amazing opportunity to partner with Cobble Hill to build Tome Beckbe's new storefront.


We had to keep their existing theme while adding new features and modules to their eCommerce experience without introducing too much change to both the customer experience and how the Tom Beckbe team manages their site. Each module is customizable using Shopify Theme CMS allowing them to switch out products, images and videos in every section/module on their site. The goal is to add new modules without adding too much CMS complexity.

The Final Result

We introduced a new storefront with modules that are interchangeable and customizable. Each module serves a unique purpose with a set amount of options pre-defined during our discovery phase. These options will allow the Tom Beckbe team to make changes to each module like image and text placement, dimensions, etc.

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