Dr. Ann Wellness

Dr. Ann is a bestselling author and highly sought motivational speaker. She has delivered over 300 keynotes across the country and beyond. Hundreds of North American organizations, including some of the country’s leading medical centers, have used her Eat Right for Life® books to guide their employees. With her online Healthy Living School®, she is taking her unique talent to motivate and educate others to even greater heights.

January 2022
Dr. Ann Wellness

Dr. Ann, founder and CEO of the Healthy Living SchoolTM, is a well-known motivational speaker, best-selling author, and expert in nutrition and healthy living. Her website is the hub for her products and service offerings

The Challenge

Dr. Ann wanted to refresh her Wordpress website with updated brand colors, all-new imagery, and new information sections pointing to new product offerings. In addition, there was a pesky problem with the Contact Us form not sending emails through properly, resulting in lost sales opportunities.  

The Final Result

Dr. Ann’s Wordpress website is now fully functional and freshly updated to match the company branding. A new section leading to the Healthy Living School was added, and most importantly contacts are flowing successfully through the process for an increase in client relationships and acquisition.

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