ByHeart Cluster

ByHeart is a company founded by two Parents, Ron and Mia, who believe all parents should have the right products and resources to make a confident feeding decision, and clear transparency into the nutrition baby needs. We partnered with Gallardo Labs to build ByHeart Cluster, a platform where parents can come to for answers and advice on infant nutrition.

June 2021


ByHeart wanted to build a platform for parents unlike anything in the market. With their amazing and innovative ideas, we had to design a system architecture that executed on their vision and had the ability to scale. Unique concepts like "moments" and how parents can participate in a moment required out of the box thinking.

The Software Stack

The Final Result

ByHeart Cluster is built to scale and utilizes cutting edge technologies. The cluster is built with hybrid static & server rendering, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, as well as with additional frameworks. Because this will be a tool for parents to learn about infant nutrition, we built ByHeart with speed in mind so that users can spend their time enjoying the content rather than waiting for pages to load.

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